Professional Coaching

Our Professional Coaching programs offer the following to our valued clients:

We are independent Life LanguagesTM certified Communication Coaches. This certification allows us to train, consult, and coach using the Life Languages™ Communication IQ™ System, which utilizes the Kendall Life Languages ProfileTM (KLLPTM) assessment.We coach in areas of:

  • Personal and Professional Growth and Development
    • Purpose discovery and cultivation
    • Establishing personal Core Values
    • Expansion of perspectives and inclusion
    • Developing Positive Character Qualities
    • Increasing personal engagement and performance
    • Understanding and developing a personal brand
    • Developing a Portfolio Resume
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building
  • Change Management

I truly believe God has gifted me to help people grow to the purpose and potential He has planned for them.

Diana Romero

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