7 Life Languages

Improve Your Communication IQ™

Communication is the biggest component of any successful business or relationship, yet it is one of the most common areas that lacks attention. We all want to be seen, heard and understood at work and at home. Most relationships fail because of miscommunication and misunderstanding. In fact, management consultant and author Peter Drucker says that over 80% of management problems are a result of faulty communication. The solution? We need to understand ourselves and others and learn to bridge the gaps. How do we do that?

At Integrated Purpose Management, our solution is the Life Languages™ Communication IQ™ System. Training, consulting, and coaching in communication intelligence enhance each party’s ability to voice concerns, understand goals, and exceed expectations. The Kendall Life Languages Profile™ (KLLP) will reveal how you process all incoming and outgoing communication. It will also unlock how to identify and speak the languages of the people around you.

What is a Life Language™

  • Mover
  • Doer
  • Influencer
  • Responder
  • Shaper
  • Producer
  • Contemplator

A Life Language is a preferred communication style. While everyone has a preferred style, all people speak all 7 languages. Life Languages™ does not put people in a box but gives a foundation to stand on by raising awareness of self and others and cracking the code to effective communication.

What Can the Communication IQ™ System Do For You?

Communication IQ™ provides you, your executives, and your employees with the insights needed to ensure everyone is communicating properly toward the overall goals set forth by the organization.

Personal Profile

Your Personal Profile: This is unique and shows all of your seven Life Languages™ in descending order. It describes how you process incoming and outgoing communication i.e. some people like to THINK before they act, some need to express their FEELINGS first and some need to ACT quickly. There is no right or wrong way…
we are all different!

Available for $49

This is just one of the many insights you will learn about yourself and may give you clues as to how those around you relate to you. Your personal profile is up to 15 pages long and contains many valuable insights and keys to successful communication.

Professional Profile

Your Professional Profile: This is a very powerful, illuminating and invaluable way to discover even more about your communication preferences. It includes everything found in your Personal Profile plus so many more useful insights and is designed for those who wish to understand themselves and therefore others at a deeper level.

Available for $79

It goes even deeper into your learning preferences, acceptance levels, intensity, leadership style, susceptibility to stress, internal control etc. and includes an additional 9-11 pages of insights, tips, and keys to greater success.

Recognize and meet the needs of those around you

Over the years our experience, research, and observations have shaped the way we equip and empower individuals and organizations to recognize and solve the following.

1. Fundamental Human Need:

Everyone wants to be seen, heard and understood not just for what they do but also for who they are.

3. Resulting Problem:

We can feel misunderstood, devalued, and overlooked. This can cause anxiety, frustration, self-doubt, and, in extreme cases, depression and relationship breakdowns.

2. Challenge:

We are all different with different communication preferences. Some people need to express their FEELINGS first, some need time to THINK first, and some need to ACT first.

4. Solution:

Life Languages™ Communication IQ™ provides a proven, quick, and easy way to confidently communicate and connect with anyone and build positive and productive relationships.

Who Can Benefit?

You and your relationships

“Learning the communication styles of the 7 Life Languages does more than just teach people how to communicate. It teaches them how to think differently, control emotions, better structure action, handle conflict, build effective teams, and give direction to strategic leadership development.” Communication IQ, by Fred and Anna Kendall

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