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After over 30 years in corporate America, we desired to start a company that could impact individuals and organizations to realize their full purpose and potential. We do this for organizations by providing and fostering project management disciplines and for individuals by providing professional coaching.

Integrated Purpose Management LLC is family owned and operated. Our foundation is built on our core values. We desire to be a valued partner that brings our best to you, and in turn, we aid you in delivering your best you, organization, process, and product.

Mike & Diana Romero – The Onwer of Integrated Purpose Management LLC

Integrated Purpose Management LLC is owned and operated by Mike and Diana Romero of Frisco, Texas.

Why Work With Us

The Integrated Purpose Management team has over 45 years of combined industry experience in the areas of in-vitro diagnostics, medical devices, orthopedics, and biologics. We have served in the areas of project/program management, research and development, global quality assurance, regulatory affairs/compliance, and supply chain.

We have experience in successfully managing multiple small projects to large complex multi-site global projects. We have implemented Project Management Offices (PMO) for multiple businesses and led research and development organizations to improve productivity metrics such as, improve on-time launch by over 35% within the first 12 months of initiating PMO practices.

We believe strongly in good project management principles and practices. Even though our experience has been primarily in the medical device field these principles are transferable to any business.

We are able to provide a Project Management Solutions Specialist to aid in the completion of one or more of your priority projects. We work with and guide your teams in the completion of the project(s) to enable them to receive on-the-job, real-time training that refines and elevates skills for future projects. While meeting a present day objective, we simultaneously cultivate your staff for future growth and business success.

In addition, but definitely not of lesser importance, we believe people are the greatest asset of any company or organization. We are passionate about helping individuals grow personally and professionally, so they can be elevated to their full potential. Having personally used professional coaches in the past and currently being a part of an Executive Mastermind, we continue to sow so we can grow personally and professionally and we greatly desire to help others do the same.

As well, why you should work with us? Because we believe communication is one of the most important aspects of healthy individual, family or business relationships, we integrated an incredible tool into our business. It is the Life LanguagesTM Communication IQ System by Life Languages InternationalTM. This tool helps us become self-aware and to know and understand the character qualities we have and may need to develop to become a more well-rounded person and to be more effective in our personal and professional lives. We have seen, even in our own family, how exceptional this communication system is in helping us understand how each of us communicates and relates to others. As a Life LanguagesTM Certified Communication Coach, we are now equipped to teach others about their Communication IQ. We believe it can change family dynamics and business cultures.

If you choose to work with us, it will be our honor to help you, your family, your organization to communicate effectively, realize your purpose and accomplish your goals and aspirations.

We are founded on these Core Values:

  • Relationship with God – keeping God involved in every aspect of our lives
  • Family – cultivating and cherishing relationships with our family members
  • Close friendships (family of choice) – valuing people God has placed into our lives
  • Generosity – giving of our time, talent and treasure to others
  • Wealth – having more than enough, so God can flow blessings through us
  • Development and Learning – reading, listening and researching
  • Excellence – using our innate strengths and talents to do and be the best that we can be
  • Integrated purpose – Making faith, family and work an integral part of our daily life
  • Good health – eating healthy, staying active & keeping our bodies and mind sharp
  • Elevate Our Thinking, so we can Elevate our Lives.

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