Medical Device and Healthcare Consulting

At IPM, we recognize the unique offerings that our healthcare partners bring to the marketplace and therefore, we desire to deliver value that will supersede expectations. We can deliver strategies remotely or on-site. We provide the experience and expertise to deliver a compliance strategy to enable you to achieve your goals.


Successfully navigating regulatory agency inquiries and audits is extremely crucial and requires an intimate understanding of the international standards and regulations.
We help you navigate your regulatory strategy and pathway.


Compliance is extremely important to having a successful medical device or healthcare company. We aid in preparing for compliance audits by reviewing records and providing pre-audit simulations for your subject matter experts, we are with you during audits to provide strategy for a first-class audit experience, and then after the audit we help with putting together comprehensive corrective action plans, if necessary.

Quality Management

We deliver a world-class Quality Management System for your organization so that your organization can operate at full-capacity, with integrity, and deliver the highest quality product to market. At IPM, we help you build and establish a sustainable quality management system for your organization.


We provide Strategy Consulting that is focused on strategic implementation using project management principles. We do this by generating a strategic plan that encompasses time, talent and treasure. It’s imperative to have a detailed strategic plan from start to finish, so if there are unknown setbacks, we have contingency plans to continue moving forward. We bring that wisdom to our partnership.

In healthcare compliance is a must for all companies, but the right compliance strategy can be a competitive advantage.

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